Carin Anlér Fiske
CARIN ANLÉR FISKE was born in 1953. She has worked with Tio Fötter as an actress, administrator and producer since 1980. Moreover, she has performed in 14 of Ten Feet´s productions, about 1305 shows. Carin has studied Drama at Uppsala University and Teaterstudion, a theatre school in Stockholm.
Klas Olsson
KLAS OLSSON was born in 1970. He has worked with the theatre company Rajateatern as well. He has performed in eight of our ten productions since 1990, in around 685 shows. He has studied at Teaterlinjen in Uppsala and Skara Skolscen (Swedish Theatre Schools).
Mats Lindberg
MATS LINDBERG was born in 1971 and has performed in about 100 shows with Miss Höglund´s third pet. He was also employed in Pleasure of the heart, which played 40 shows. Moreover, he performed in 140 shows of Who is afraid of Saint Lucia? He also acted in Douglas and the Pink Pipe. At the moment he acts in A Tummy Full of Elks. Mats has studied at Teaterlinjen, a theatre school, in Uppsala.
John Fiske
JOHN FISKE was born in 1949 and is half of the English comedy duo Kesselofski and Fiske. Among other things, John wrote a show for Uppsala Stadsteater (the local theatre in Uppsala) in 1998, which was later produced in Finland. His play The Sinking of the Titanic has been performed in thirteen different countries. Before John came to Sweden he worked as the musical director in the English theatre Company Belt and Braces. John has also been the musical director of three musicals in the West End in London.
Niklas Högefjord
NIKLAS HÖGEFJORD was born in 1972. He is an actor in Tio Fötter´s latest shows: Douglas and the Pink Pipe and A Tummy Full of Elks. Before joining the group, he has been working with cabarets and improvisation theatre. In the autumn, he will become a permanent member of the well known Swedish song group ViBa FemBa.